Ruth Carter Avatar
I had a wonderful healing session with Alison from The Spiritual Haven. The moment I walked in I felt so comfortable & Alison made me feel at home. The healing session was absolutely amazing, I was truly blown away, I learnt so much & as a psychic medium I see & hear things but this was something I have never, encountered before, mind blowing. I highly recommend Alison , she has many treatments to offer.
Ruth C. 27 Feb 2024
I am so grateful to meet Alison on my journey on Planet Earth yesterday. I was waiting for her to come into my life for a while and she came as a blessing in the right moment of my life. I have meet many people in my life but she is from another world. She helped me with so many answers and she healed me on my soul to finally find my light. I never meet anyone who is so kind and loving what she is doing. Full of knowledge on healing my soul then you can heal your own physical body. She is over delivering and I have no words to describe my gratitude for her help. I am so grateful for everything you done today not only to me but she helped my mum on her pain last night. She activated on my body many strands of DNAโ€ฆand my Angelic Wings. Absolutely beautiful soul Alison. I canโ€™t wait to reconnect with you together with my beautiful wife. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ
CATALIN A. 26 Feb 2024
Virpi Ojala Avatar
I haven been going to Alison for over a year now for Reflexology. Alison is just simply amazing. Sheโ€™s very caring and friendly and makes you feel at ease as soon as you meet her. I canโ€™t recommend Alison highly enough.
Virpi O. 26 Feb 2024
Tanya Graves Avatar
I had an energy healing with Alison a few weeks ago. It's taken me a while to process the information I got from her. It was mind blowing!! I had a whole lot holding me back but I now feel free, light and able to make a new start in my life! This healing has left me feeling incredible and the most positive I've felt in years. Thank you Alison for an amazing experience.
Tanya G. 14 Feb 2024
Desislava Doncheva Avatar
I visited Alison in the beginning of the year as I started to emerge from a couple of very difficult years after the birth of my first child. Alisonโ€™s energy, calmness and wisdom is so welcoming, I felt incredibly safe to be open, emotional and vulnerable as I opened up about some of the things that troubled me. We had a wonderful healing experience, though very emotionally difficult for me, but Alison made me feel safe and at home. She helped me through everything I was experiencing and advised me how to look after myself in the days that followed this significant shift in energy and spirituality that I experienced with her. Her Spiritual Haven garden room is filled with so much positive energy, harmony and calmness that even being there instantly relaxes and refreshes you. I also love the fact that Alison is very honest and open about people not having to do energy healing with her all the time, just one or two sessions might be enough to completely transform how you feel. Even if you think everything is okay, please gift yourself this experience as there is so much that could be lying below the surface and holding you back!
Desislava D. 07 Feb 2024
Dessi Doncheva Avatar
My three year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with cancer recently though the diagnosis was not absolute and I had a feeling that there was something else going on. Believing that all diseases are just a manifestation of some unease or imbalance going on on the inside, I began searching for an energy or spiritual healer who is used to working with pets. And then I found Alison! A few minutes into our first call, she had already somehow connected with my boy and could feel some of the things he had been struggling with. She came to see him the next day and he welcomed her with an excited waggy tail despite usually always giving a bark if someone new crosses the front door. The healing session we had with Alison was incredibly purifying, empowering and emotional. She opened my eyes to so much of his and ours history together and made me realise how much deeper our connection was than just an owner and a pet. Our doggie felt much calmer, lighter and happier afterwards and the bond between us grew even stronger. I would 100% recommend anyone who has a pet, please go and see Alison! They may not be able to speak, but their little souls have so much to tell us and it is so important to know how and why they have chosen especially you out of every other person on the planet. Forever grateful to Alison for this beautiful experience and starting our healing journey with her energy and wisdom.
Dessi D. 07 Feb 2024
Lydia Avatar
Alison is amazing ! Well worth a visit , especially if you have a spiritual side ๐Ÿ˜‡ She is very gifted, if you simply want Reiki Treatment , or you feel like you need healing or feel uneasy about something in your life, Alison will provide clarity. I am glad I found Alison ๐Ÿ’–
Lydia 07 Feb 2024
Joanne White Avatar
I see Alison regularly for reflexology, very relaxing , would highly recommend. I always leave the appointment with happy floaty feet โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ.
Joanne W. 07 Feb 2024
Janjan Avatar
"The Spiritual Haven" is indeed a Spiritual Haven!!! It's definitely the place to go to if you are in need of a Spiritual Therapist or would like a deeper understanding on how spirituality affects our physical everyday lives.....both of which I was on the hunt for. I searched high and low and had visited various healers before crossing paths with Alison, who is by far my favorite!!โœจ Along with her rare healing gifts and ability to see and meditate, she is one of the warmest most hospitable souls you could ever encounter. She radiates love and always goes above and beyond to meet you at your point of need. I always leave the Spiritual Haven feeling very grateful You will always receive value for money with Alison ๐Ÿ˜Š
Janjan 07 Feb 2024

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