Your Path to Ascension

Your Ascension Journey to YOU with the help of your Akashic Records

This is a new service I am offering this year to discover the true meaning of who you are, where you are on your Ascension Journey and with your permission and the help of your guides gain access your Akashic records.

We are all on our own Ascension Path trying to move forward towards the New Earth and vibrate higher with love and compassion. Some will achieve this quicker than others. By signing up for your Ascension Journey Programme, I can help you unlock doors that need unlocking or are blocking and hindering your journey to your own ascension and the 5th dimension frequency of Love.

Some examples of areas we can work on unlocking access to discover:

Where are you currently vibrating at? in the 3rd or 5th Dimension? Or both? If you’re stuck in the 3rd, what is it that may need clearing to vibrate higher.

Are you still 666 Carbon Based or have you already moved into your Crystalline Based Body? Are you a 2 Strand or 12 Strand DNA structure (i.e. has your dormant DNA been or is being activated).

Where are you with the transferring sequence of changing from a Mortal Body into Your Light Body?

What number is your gene expression 23K or 144K?

Do you have to close off and put to bed any Past Life Karmic lessons through healing and forgiveness that may be coming up to the surface to be cleared?

Are you operating on any other alternative timelines? And what we need to do to close those down, so you are only on your highest timeline for your highest good.

Have you embodied your higher self yet?

Are you a lightworker?

Are you mainly service to others or yourself, how does this affect your ascension and what percentage are you currently at.

What type of soul are you: Earth Bound, Interplanetary, or Angelic? (see main image above)

If Interplanetary, from what planet do you originate from or have guidance from this can be more than one.

Do you have an Astral Parasites that need clearing?

Earth-based, Interplanetary, and Angelic Souls

There are three types of souls, the most common are Earth Based Souls, that is a soul that was designed to incarnate and evolve in body on earth, usually hundreds if not, thousands of more lives on Earth. Growing and evolving, tripping, and falling in human life, that’s an Earth based one.

The second one is an Interplanetary Soul also referred to as a Starseed or ET they all mean the same, that’s a soul that evolves somewhere other than Earth, evolves in an advanced culture, somewhere in the universe, star system, planet, and that soul comes to earth to aid humanity, because they come from an evolved culture. The only reason an Interplanetary soul comes into body on earth is because they come from an evolved perspective, they come to help us here.

The third group is Angelic Souls. An Angelic Soul comes from the Angelic Realm, that realm of souls supports the Divine/Source/Great Spirit, they carry the energy of the high frequency we think of as Source, that’s basically a love and compassion energy, so their signature energy, the reason for coming to earth is to aid a more acceptance, a greater peace, love, compassion perspective.

All 3 are equally as important as one another, their role on earth can be somewhat different but they’re not better than each other, they’re not more evolved than each other, the value of understanding Am I Earth-Based, Am I Interplanetary or Am I Angelic is to understand ourselves, so why do I feel so different, why do I have these unique qualities.

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