Spirit Pictures on the Soles of Your Feet

About this unique spirit guide photograph session

More recently I have been seeing spirit/loved ones on clients feet so have decided to offer this as an individual service – it has completely blown my clients away. Unique Pictures of Spirit guides and loved ones channelled through your feet this can be added on to any foot reflexology treatment or stand alone picture channelling session. Pictures will be taken and shared with client at the end of the session (photo published with clients permission)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if spirit don’t appear for me?

A. If we are unable to see any forms of pictures on the soles of your feet you wont be charged.

Q. Do you retain my photos?

A. I prefer not to use my equipment and if I have to then I will always seek your permission to use my phone and I will delete the photos after the session.

Q. Can I have copies of the photos taken?

A. Yes I prefer to use your mobile camera phone if you have one.

My Treatments and Prices for Spiritual Photography

Sessions normally last around 30 mins if they aren’t added onto another therapy

Spiritual Photography Treatments


Sole to Sole – 30 mins


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